Photographs - Gallery 210: Exeter Phoenix 25/10/2003, Part 2
Many thanks to Andrea & Uwe from Kuenzell, Germany, who took the trouble to travel to Exeter for
this one-off gig and sent me these excellent photos...
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The Captain with two of the guest musicians on the
night: Keith Barton (above) and Pete Pracownik (left)
Above: a typical-looking Hawkwind crowd, being a mixture of all ages, sexes, species and degrees of
abnormality.  Note the great Space Ritual Alive t-shirt worn by the tattooed bloke
...both of whom obtained a polite scatter of applause from the audience, below
Above left: a somewhat forlorn-looking Richard
Chadwick lurking off to stage left.   Left: one doesn't
see that many of these painted jackets any more.
"Dave, my Dad says I dress just like a Hawkwind fan."  Dave: "Ha ha ha! ...tell your Dad he sarong!"
Above: " 'ere mate, what time are The Jalapenos on?"