Photographs - Gallery 217: Walthamstow 24/11/2001
Many thanks to Uwe from Kuenzell, Germany, who was at the Walthamstow gig on the 2001 UK tour
and took these photos there!.
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This week's familiar face in the crowd belongs to my good friend Nick, prior to the cares of parenthood
With Walthamstow being Tottenham territory
perhaps it's no surprise that Edgar Davids appears to
have joined Hawkwind on the stage.  (But in 2001?)
Alan Davey, left with Simon House and
Huwie...and above with Captain Rizz.  
Small but perfectly formed:
Huw (left) and Alan (above)
Simon House, with Huwie on the right, and alone
in all his glory below.
Above: Brock's is not the only bedspread on stage
Above: Those hot pants are so hot, wisps of smoke
can be seen around the stage area.  Mr.Dibs
searches for a fire extinguisher
Above: Uwe and friends watch incredulously
Above: Huw in good health made Hawkwind's 2001
line-up one of the strongest they've had...