Photo Gallery 222: Coney Island High 97, Part 2

Many thanks to Rich Lockwood for the photos that appear on this page.  These are just a selection of
what he has on his website.  This gig took place on 29th August 1997 at Coney Island High in New
York City.  Personnel were Dave Brock, Ron Tree, Jerry Richards, Richard Chadwick and Captain Rizz
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Right: Ron
rather loses
his head,
here.  But
study, if you
will, the
figure of
Captain Rizz
to his right...
Above: Ron's blue period.  
(He had a green one too!)
Right: Here is
important shot
of Captain
Rizz.  It's a
shame this is
not a larger
photo, since the
pose is almost
Left: Dave looks
less than thrilled
at having to put
his own gear
away and to be
have been
caught doing it
to boot...

Below: half an
hour earlier, and
close to doing
an Ollis!
By now, if you've
been looking carefully
at these pictures of
Captain Rizz, you may
have observed a
nagging sense of
Dave gives the old Psychedelic
Love God act another outing
(above & right)
Left: it's not
as easy to see
in this
photo as in
some of the
others, but the
arm position
in the shot on
the right
clinched it for

It's not a
that Rizz is
likely to enjoy,
surely he is
the living
reincarnation of
Freddie Starr's