Photo Gallery 223: Jimski's Party Piece

Many thanks to Jim Skinner for the photos that appear on this page.  They are from the Spirit Of The
Age Launch Party held at the Borderline on 1st September 2005, and Jim's write-up on the event is on the
Launch Party Page - but his photos are here!
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Dave "Monster" Law, budding impresario, cigar in
Dave B on the left of course, with your humble
photographer Jimski on the right
By his own ill-advised admission, that is Mr. S.
Bishop in the "tablecloth-like shirt"!
Splendid chaps these: Rob Dreamworker and MikRik
Some of them look as they should be behind those
bars rather than in front of them!
Matthew Wright & fiancee Caroline - with Kris below
At last, Hawkwind took to the stage  (right, above
right and below) featuring all 4 current members -
Dave Brock, Alan Davey, Jason Stuart and Richard
Chadwick - who is just visible, far right ----------->