Photo Gallery 224: Off The Tracks 03/09/2005
Many thanks to Uwe & Andrea from Kuenzell, Germany, for these photos from the Off The Tracks
festival at Castle Donington, Leicestershire, on 3rd September 2005
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Right: these
brought to
you by
Uwe (on
the left)  
and Andrea!
Left: Alan
The Captain (above)       Hawkfest Fairy (right)
Left: this week's
face in the
Hawklord of
Right: Dumpy
guested on
Brainstorm and
Silver Machine
(the latter in the
Above: Occupational Hazard - Marie is beset by strange
men Andreas (left) and, err, Rasputin (?) on the right
Above: Another day, another Hawkfan, holding a
future accountant, teenage rebellion being what it is
Above: male dancer.  This one comes free with the
Hawkfest fairy, possibly            Right: Dave Brock
Right: Alan
Davey &
male dancer

Below right:
Jason &
Above: I bet you anything you like that is a new
T-shirt that the Captain got for his birthday!