Photographs - Gallery 23: More Mid-70's
Keeping Britain Tidy - by keeping hairy layabouts off the streets
Bob Calvert in stage gear 76/77
Nik Turner in a Liquid Len and the
Lensmen T-shirt.  This pic is used by kind
permission of
Pooter's Psychedelic Shack
Lemmy, 74-ish
Bob Calvert with one hell of a 5
o'clock shadow
Stacia is reportedly somewhat reluctant to resurrect her
old stage act
L-R: Paul Rudolph, Bob Calvert.  From the back
of the Back On The Streets 7" picture sleeve
Left: Bob Calvert
on stage 1976
Left: Tim Blake,
looking rather like
Right: Daves
Anderson (left)
and Brock
(right), 1971
Above: scanned from the SpaceBrock CD inlay, this photo presumably dates
from early 1971.  L-R Dave Anderson, Dave Brock, Stacia, Del Dettmar, Terry
Ollis, Nik Turner.  (This is a best guess at who's who, you can never tell with
these hippies as they're almost entirely covered with hair...)
Here's a case in point.  L-R Del
Dettmar, Nik Turner, Lemmy,
Terry Ollis, Stacia, Dik Mik, a
beardless Paul Rudolph, Bob
Calvert.  No Dave Brock,  
maybe he took the photo...
Left: Hawkwind on stage
at the Reading Festival
(which they headlined),

This photo was taken by
Richard Novell and
together with his
recollections of the event
can be found
here on the
UK Rock and Free
Festivals 1960-85
archive.  It is used with
the kind permission of
Dave the webmaster
On stage in 1972 L-R Bob Calvert, Nik
Turner, Simon King, Lemmy
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