Photo Gallery 231: Memorabilia LXI
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Above: this lengthy ad for the 'In Search of Space' album occupied the back cover and the inside back
cover of the 29/11/71 issue of Frendz - which published in broadsheet format.  The storyline, supposedly
written by Mike Moorcock and illustrated by Jim Cawthorne, is that the Sonic Assassins save Void City
from audio pollution (and no, Michael Butterworth is nowhere to be seen!)
Thanks to Mark Coggins for the 2001 Canterbury promo
CDR (above left) and to MikRik for the launch party guest
pass (above right).  19/10/95 ticket (left) & pass (below)
Above: the cover
tor the "Elf" EP,
Alan Davey's solo
effort given away
free with
Hawkfan, I
believe.  Don't
forget it was via
Hawkfan's Brian
Tawn that Alan
got into
Hawkwind in
1984.  (Sorry, I
can't match that!)
It's a Warrior
special with the
jacket (left), tape
(right) & badge
(below left)
All these badges are from Wood Green... ??