Photo Gallery 237 - Mixed Bag VIII
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Above: Daves A and B chortle at DikMik's last-minute lash-up on the back of the ISOS album
A young Alan, left, and a slightly less sprightly Harvey
(17 years later, in 2002) above. Richard 2005, below.
Above: Tim Blake, 1980             Below: Alan, 2002
Below: Dave Anderson again, with Huw Lloyd
Langton (backstage on the 1984 UK tour)
Below left: Harvey Bainbridge at the 2002 Sonic Rock
Solstice.  Below: Mr. Alan Davey ponders inscrutably
Below: Ruisrock Festival, Finland, 10th July 2004.  
Phil Caivano of Monster Magnet jams with DB
Right: Richard in
a soft romantic

Left: a character
from the new
series of Little

Below: a medley of
Black Elk Speaks,
Bosnia and