Photographs - Gallery 24: More Memorabilia
The lyric book that came with the
vinyl Church of Hawkwnd album
Above and Right: various Hawkwind badges
Left: The
Hawkwind Log, a
22-page booklet that
came free with the
original vinyl foldout
sleeve In Search of
Space. It's a long
time since I've seen
this but I recall it as
being long on
gibberish and short
on photos
Below: Italian picture sleeve 7"
Urban Guerilla / Brainbox
Not really memorabilia unless you made it
so by nicking one of these signs from the
city limits of Opa-Locka in Florida, USA.  
The track Opa-Loka on Warrior of the
Edge of Time was indeed named after it
Above:Sonic Attack cloth patch, 1981
Left, 1979 (top) and 1976 badges
Left: 1973 badge.  Above; 1980 patch.  Below early 80's patch
Above: 1976 sew-on patch.  Right: The Earth
Ritual EP, 1984
Left: my Space Ritual lighter!  Above: 1977 QS&C and 1975
WOTEOT badges.  Below: 1995 US tour poster signed by Dave Brock
Above: Summer 1989 fanzine published by Hawkfrendz (Trev Hughes)
Below: more badges from who knows when
Above: Greek promo CD
Below: 1979 tour poster
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