Photo Gallery 241: Memorabilia LXIV
Grateful thanks to Wilfried Schuesler for many of the images on this page
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Many thanks to John Chase for this image, which is an early design for the back cover of "Take Me To
Your Leader" - so much so that the song that eventually became titled 'To Love A Machine' is called
something else here.  And what's all this 'Machine Sex' gubbins?!
Above: a half-page ad put out by
Anagram for their "essential"
(cough) Hawkwind CD's....
Left: a 1978 tour poster

Below: Hawkfan badge
Below: BGO reissued a number
of Bob Calvert CD's like the
pairing in this ad...
Below: a very tasty venue poster
for Hawkwind's 2004 date at the
Gagarin205, in Athens
Recent ad, left  Above: 1974 poster NB the support!
Above: this took place just a couple of weeks ago...
Left: 1975 full page ad boasts of a UK sellout tour