Photographs - Gallery 243: From The Vaults X
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Below: Smiles all round, 1984.  This can't last,
surely!  L-R: Nik Turner, Alan Davey, Dave Brock
Left: thanks to John Chase for this excellent portrait
of the Captain        Above: Lemmy in the mid-70's
Above: Don't
bogart that joint,
Bob, it's about to
burn your fingers.  

Left: about five
years earlier and an
entirely different
nutter: Nik Turner
plays underneath
the Westway, 1971
Left: "Yeah, it's a crash helmet innit, and this?  I use
it to cut my hair...err, whenever I get my hair cut."
Below: Lemmy showing off the softer side of his
personality, possibly in June 1977, supporting HW!
Above: I.F. Kilmister, at some
indeterminate time in the past...
Below: Hastings 2002 (c) John Chase
Left &
right: two
shots of
Brock at
Odeon on 12th
Dec. 1980
Below: Nik in 1975 or so