Photographs - Gallery 244: Solstice Daze 2005 I

Many thanks to John Chase and Nick Lee for these photos from the December 2005 "Solstice Daze"
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Above: I referred to this dancer as "a male Puck" before seeing this photo, honest!  Below left, here he is
again with the female fairy who seemed to gain a certain amount of, er, masculine approval.  I see why...
Right: Mr.Dibs                          Below: Alan Davey
More pucking about, below          Right: Jez Huggett
All images above this line (c) John Chase 2005, used with permission, are from the London Astoria 21/12/05
All images below this line (c) Nick Lee 2005, used with permission: they're from Birkenhead Pacific Road
Arts Centre on 15/12/2005 except for the 3 from Manchester Academy a day later
Left: Manchester 16/12/2005 soundcheck.  Below
left & below right: the gig itself.