Photo Gallery 246: Memorabilia LXVII

Thanks to Wilfried Schuesler and Jez Dacombe for many of the images on this page
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1992 Brixton backstage pass, above
Above: 1979 ticket   Right: a Sounds competition of
slightly earlier vintage   Below: 1993 ad
Above: 2005 Christmas gig ticket!  Mine!
Above left: another
Liverpool ticket, this
time from the 1994 tour

Right: Another early
80's Hawkfan badge

Left: French picture
sleeve 1974 single
Left: 1993 ad                  Below: 2005 Voiceprint ad
Below: 1977 Sire Records press release promoting
Quark Strangeness & Charm to the U.S. market
Above right: part of a recent poster design     
Above left: 1980's Flicknife ad
Right: a reproduction of an ad for the original 1972
Greasy Truckers bash at the Roundhouse, where
Silver Machine was recorded, of course.  But who were the Blackheath Foot 'n' Death Men?!