Photo Gallery 25: SpaceRitual.Net @ Witchwood 02/02/03

These photographs were sent to me by Melissa Joseph, and she retains copyright over these images.  
If you wish to use them please contact me
here so that I can pass on to her your request.
L-R: Thomas, Dave Anderson (wisely masked!), Nik
and Mick
Thomas Crimble, Del Dettmar and bits of various
other people
Del: "I'm off for a game of snooker...see ya later..."
Spread your legs wider, Thomas!  Just because you
play an acoustic, you're still a guitarist, y'know... he gets out his electric guitar...
That Dave Brock!  Grrrr!
A genuine quote about Mick Slattery: "You may as
well say that he is a devil at his instrument!"
That bad, Nik?  :-)
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