Photographs - Gallery 254: Loreley 18/06/2005, Part 1

Many thanks to Nick Lee for these photos from Hawkwind's headlining appearance at
the '3 days of Love and Peace' festival at Loreley, Germany on 18th June 2005
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A three-quarter view of the stage and auditorium - this was some hours before Hawkwind played...(below)
Mr. Brock (above) and Mr.Davey (right)
Below: blurry dancers, band in focus...
Above & Below: there are a number of photos of the
core trio on stage, with Jason sadly out of the frame,
probably because his stage position out to the
Captain's left places him in shadow most of the time
Right: Mr.Stuart shows every sign of being startled
by this apparent post-gig photographic ambush...