Photographs - Gallery 257: Cheltenham 23/10/2004, Part 1

Many thanks to Uwe Fehre for these photos from Hawkwind's warm-up gig preparatory to the 2004
Winter tour.  Uwe and Andrea travelled specially from Kuenzell in Germany, in the company of a
number of dedicated German Hawkfans...
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Above: Dumpy was support / guest on the warm-up gigs as well as on the main part of the tour.
Above: is Marie literally steaming?
Left: Dumpy during his support slot      Below: the
core trio centre stage (Jason is out of frame off to
the right)
Left: a first look at the stage set.  Where is everyone?
Above: dancer's pose matches the backdrop.  It's
always a question as to how much changes from
these warm-up gigs to the main part of the tour, but
unless I am
mistaken (quite
possible) the
dancers in these
photos are not the
same as those
who appeared on
the tour a month
later, in Dec.
2004: although the
costumes and
routines look to be
the same
Right: this dancer's costume might be considered to
somewhat resemble that of polar explorer
Rear-Admiral Sir Vincent Smythe-Obleson
Above and left: venue security rather nonplussed by
these strange goings-on