Photo Gallery 274: Memorabilia LXXII
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The original framed artwork for the Love In Space
album, painted by Alan Arthurs.  Note the eyes at top
of the image (left) which didn't make it onto the CD
cover, and the artist's writing on the back (above).  
Thanks to Marie Jenkinson & John Moules for these.
Above: Inside Battersea Power Station... according to the BBC "The later
'88 tour T, above... compedium of live ads, below
Below: 1973 ticket (& price!)
part of the plant reflects the more austere but characteristically 'futuristic' look of the 1950s.  With its
chunky dials and metal surfaces, this switchgear room on the 'B' side could have been a set on a science
fiction 'B' movie of the time."  What a shame they didn't know about (or didn't mention) the Quark LP...
Above: the new album due out 10/07/2006  (left) and a rare 1973 Dutch compilation (right)  Err..hang on...
These tickets are for gigs at which live albums were
recorded - Yule Ritual (above) on 29th December 2000 and
Atomhenge 76 (right) on 5th October 1976...
Left: 2006 Roadburn Festival ad...1972 flyer, above