Photo Gallery 275 - Pot Pourri I
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Above & right, early 70's stage shots.  Below:  at the
Roadburn fest 2006 (c) Birdman Dave Easthope - thx!
Right: was
film director
among the
many roles
that Bob
acted out in
his life?
Richard Chadwick at a cafe in Tilburg, April 2006.  
Photo (c) Neil Price and Julina Broome (cheers!)
I am the Captain and I get to wear the hat.  Any
arguments and I hurl my teacup across the room.
Above & below: these were scanned from an October 1978 issue of Sounds and are part of a set of publicity
shots that the Hawklords did outside the fence of what I suppose was a defence establishment.  Naughty boys.
Lemmy to guest on next Tom Byrne album?  These
pics are (c) Neil Price & Julian Broome - thanks!
These photos of Huwie guesting with the assassins
of Silence at Club X, Oxford on 10th Dec 2005 are
(c) Neil Price & Julian Broome - thanks!