Photo Gallery 28: SpaceRitual.Net @ Exeter 22/02/03

These photographs were sent to me by Melissa Joseph, and she retains copyright over these images.  
If you wish to use them please contact me
here so that I can pass on to her your request.
Sam Ollis, Tin-Tin lookalike?
L-R Dave
hand, Sam
Ollis, Nik, and
then it all gets a
bit hazy...
Mr. Del Dettmar was elected
social secretary of the Rowing
Club last year and has not
taken the jacket off since
Below: during Space
Ritual.Net's set, an aggrieved
Hawkfan ran onto the stage
and brained Dave Anderson
with a large piece of lead pipe,
shouting "That's for Yuri
Right: Mick Slattery, Alice
Rhubarb showing 'her' stocking
tops (yuk!) and the young Hewitt,
I assume
Left: Del is
blissed out, but
our Dave is still
feeling the
after-effects of
the lead piping
A great atmospheric shot of (L-R) Dave Anderson, Nik Turner, an Ollis and Mick Slattery
No DikMik, but we do
have NikMick
Ollis senior, with an unlikely
looking drumstick.  What's
next, playing with brushes? :-)
Looks like they have a good lightshow.  Nik (left) and Mick (right)
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