Photo Gallery 282 : South-East 97-02
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All photos on this page are (c) Birdman Dave Easthope 1997-2002 and used by permission - thanks
Dave!   They're from Blackheath Concert Halls (07/06/1997), Hastings Pier (18/7/2002) and
Walthamstow (13/12/2002).  Seems to be mostly Huw and Arthur Brown for some reason...
Above: Danny Thompson, Hastings, 18/7/2002
Above: Richard Chadwick, Walthamstow 2002 party
Smirks from Arthur Brown (above) & Tim Blake...
Hastings: Dave (above left), Simon House (above) &
Tim Blake (below).  Right: Dave has to tune Huw's
guitar at the Hastings soundcheck.  Where was Keef?!