Photo Gallery 287 : Spacehead 22/07/2006
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All photos on this page are (c) Paul Brookes 2006 and used by permission - thanks Paul!  In a departure
from normla custom they're not actually of Hawkwind at all, but feature Spacehead playing live at the
Eastern Haze festival on 22/07/2006...
Above: Richard Chadwick rolled the skins for
Spacehead on the day.  Left: main 'Head, Mr.Dibs
Above: note the psychedelic shorts on Mr.Dibs.  I
bet you they're actually boxers.  But whose?!
Right: apart from Mr.Dibs, Keith Barton on guitar is
the mainstay of Spacehead.  Where's the strat, Keef?
Above: Donald Pleasance (?) on keyboards