Photo Gallery 288 - Pot Pourri II
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Attack of the Mad Saxman, which must have been
said many times already when it comes to N.Turner
Above & Left: Bob Calvert in his 1981 stage play,
The Kid from Silicon Gulch
Below: Stacia with Simon King's leg, early 1972
Below & Right: 1979 judging by Huw's hair...
Above: Alan Davey commits a fashion crime
Above: the
1988 line-up.  
L-R: Danny
Thompson ,
Dave Brock,
Huw Lloyd
Langton, Alan
Davey, Harvey
Left: Dave

Right: Alan

Below left:
who can't see
a thing
Below: The 1982
stage set, with
Stonehenge back
projection just about
visible, and a
greasepainted Nik
Turner all too