Photographs - Gallery 29: Monochromes & Miniatures
The band in Summer 1975
(L-R Nik, Simon House (?),
Alan Powell, Dave, Simon
King & Paul Rudolph)
L'il Harvey
A day spent down on the Funny Farm, 1993
Alan Davey, Dave Brock
Caption 1: "Take that, Turner!  I'll show you who's got the real
Hawk Wind around here..."
Caption 2: "If I'm going down, I'm
taking you with me, Brock!"
L-R Dave Anderson, DikMik,, Dave
Brock, Terry Ollis, Nik Turner
Del Dettmar
Dave Brock
Lemmy in a
Right: Looking like
the photo was taken
during the Crimean
War, from L-R:
Dave Anderson,
DikMik, Terry
Ollis, Nik Turner,
Dave Brock
Left:  Dave
Anderson, Dave
Brock, Nik
Turner, Terry
Ollis, Del
A recent poll  asked the question "Dave or Nik?"  
The winner, by a nose, was Dave.......scanned
from the inner sleeve of the 1st Motorhead album
Above: Bob Calvert 76-77 or thereabouts
Note the shadow cast by Dave's nose!
Tiny Tim
Simon King, Dave Brock
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