Photographs - Gallery 292: Bob On The Road
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These photos
show Bob
appearing in his
prophetic stage
play "The Kid
From Silicon
Gulch" in 1981,
& also playing
live with the
Maximum Effect
(?) - taken by
Mike Wright at
University on
22nd Oct 1986

The latter series
are where he's
wearing a
cap and smoking
a pipe.  Any
other (ex-)
member of
Hawkwind, you
would assume it
something illicit.  
But somehow it
seems far more
likely that Robert
would have filled
his bowl with
"Clan" or similar.
This is hard to
get away with if
you're under 55,
unless you're
sporting a
beard, or a
suitably jaunty
seaman's cap
like Bob's here.
I wonder if
people said "My
Dad used to
smoke a pipe!"
Probably not...