Photographs - Gallery 30: Colour Photos 1974-90
Above: Big Harv - video capture from Live Legends
Dave Brock in the world's worst hat
Alan Davey, hair apparent
Above: Simon House
Right: the Sturm und Drang
Simon King (left) and Nik
Turner (right) in the USA,
1974.  How could a man that
skinny pound a drumkit??
Nik, Simon and Lemmy, USA '74
L-R: Liquid Len, Simon King
Del: "What a f***ing racket, where's
my aspirin?"
Bob halfway through
a costume change
Chronicle of the Black Sword video capture
Above: COTBS!

Top Right: Nik

Bottom Right: Ron
Above: Early 80's lightshow. Harvey on bass (left) & Huw in the centre
Left: Uncle Nik's On Mars
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