Photo Gallery 304 - Miscellany IIa
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Photos in the top part of this page taken by, supplied by and (c) Birdman Dave Easthope 2006 - thx Dave!
Above: Dave Anderson, who's now left Space Ritual
Left: Dave Brock                      Below: Nik Turner
Below left: Harvey Bainbridge at the Bedouin gig at
Rye, Sussex, October 2001
Above & below: two shots of the Birdman himself with original Hawk-men Nik Turner and Terry Ollis
Below right : Harvey backstage at Eastern Haze 22/07/2006
Above: another shot of Harvey backstage at Eastern Haze 22/07/2006...and (right) Dumpy Dunnell at same
Below: L-R Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey, Birdman, Jason Stuart, Dave Brock
Left and above: a
set of photos from
1972 or
featuring Dave
Brock, Del
Dettmar, Lemmy,
DikMik, Nik
Turner and Simon
Above: Sydney, Australia, February 2000 on the set
of ABC TV's "Studio 22"
Below: the Captain at Cricket St.Thomas 04/06/1983