Photo Gallery 315: Royal Festival Hall 2001
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All photos on this page (c) Melvyn Vincent 2001 - cheers Mel!  The rest of you, don't nick them - read
this instead... Mel:
"I've been a Hawkwind fan since 1972 (when I was 15) and have worked in London
as a photographer since 1979, however I've been established as my own business for the past 17 years.  I
was invited to cover the band and do publicity shots during their gig at the Royal Festival Hall, London
on 10th October 2001.  The portraits were all done in one of the small dressing rooms backstage.   On
such a shoot I tend to conduct it like an get the subject talking...and being natural.  This
was a dream come true for me personally and I was quite happy with the results.
Above: Someone else already said it: Leave that
android alone, Alan!
Richard Chadwick, left and Huw Lloyd-Langton,
above: must have been chilly backstage that day
In case you're wondering, the gent on the left is
Keith Kniveton, a.k.a. Captain Bl@ck of Starfield