Photo Gallery 319 - Miscellany IIb

Many thanks to John Chase for permission to use some of his images on this page
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Above: (c) John Chase 2001 - Hawkwind 2001 on
stage (L-R): Simon House, Alan Davey, Ron Tree

Right: Nik Turner 1973, with a bit of Stacia's leg
Above: Nik Turner 1973, same sax, different T-shirt

Below: (c) John Chase 1980 - (L-R): Huw
Lloyd-Langton, Ginger Baker, Harvey Bainbridge
Above: the Captain Rizz band.  Can you spot the pale young Jason?
Above: Stacia: a better version of
the one on
Photo Gallery 107
Left: Paul Rudolph, 1976
Above & below: both photos (c) John Chase 1979