Photographs - Gallery 32: Memorabilia III
From the ridiculous to
the sublime...

Above: the original
cover of Queens of
Deliria, the sequel to
Time of the Hawklords,
by Michael

...who also signed this  
1977 Quark tour
programme (left), along
with Bob Calvert, Dave
Brock, Simon House,
Adrian Shaw & Simon

Thanks to Tom Byrne
for scanning this
programme for me.
Below: picture disc
reissue of the 1st LP
Right: Simon
Lilly's Levitation
tour patch (1980
Above: Alien4 postcard, front and back
Left: 1977 car decal

Below: signed postcard from the Christmas 2000 gig
25/3/01 Croydon gig tour flyer
Above: Zones picture disc reissue
Levitation metal badge, 1980
Below: close-up of the design on a mid-80's T-Shirt
Above: another 1980 tour
patch kindly scanned by
Simon Lilly

Left: 1976 tour poster
Below:  1993 or 94 poster
promoting Griffin's CD reissues
Right: unusual
Doremi badge
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