Photo Gallery 320 : Hawkwind at "The Face Of Steel" - Rotherham Magna,

Hawkwind Passport holders were invited to the private filming of a DVD at The Face of Steel at Magna in
Rotherham on 18th December 2006.  It was a special show, featuring a full concert with extra sequences
filmed around the venue.  The band asked for as many people as possible to come dressed as androids or
robots, as part of the theme for the DVD was an android factory.... It's expected that the DVD will feature
most heavily the best costumes on the general themes of android factory worker, space alien, robot, and
silvered clone.  Many thanks to Rob Dreamworker for his photos of the occasion!
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Starting off with the fans - "Every clone has a silver
lining..." and here (above) are (L-R) Kerstin,
Bernhard, Martin, Alan and Justin

Left: Nicky and Mike
Below: Mr. Nick Lee, gathering evidence
Above: note the preponderance of silver/grey among
the audience (their clothes, that is, not their hair)
Right: Mike & Rob, whose costume has been signed
Support was provided by the hastily assembled
'Technicians Of Spaceship Hawkwind" or TOSH for
short.  But everyone says they were pretty good!  
The band was made up of old hands Keef Barton &
Mr.Dibs of
Spacehead plus drum tech Billy Fleming
Left: to add to the litany of his crimes (which make
me jealous), Keef has now taken to playing the
Captain's Westone Paduak.  Bah!
Oh g'wan, show us how to play Lord Of Light...

Left: Jason Stuart and his Christmas lights

Below: Richard Chadwick, also at the soundcheck
Left: Alan Davey during the main set, this time

Below: presumably one of the dancers - looks too
colourful to be one of the audience invading the stage
Left: Dave and cameraman.        Below: all of 'em...
Above: Alan Davey & The Blokes during soundcheck
Left: The real Dave Brock cradles his Westone
Spectrum during the soundcheck.  Looks chilly...