Photo Gallery 336 : Hammy Odeon 01/12/79
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More from the Winter 1979 tour - the good old Hammersmith Odeon, as it was called in the days before
weak pissy Canadian lager had been allowed into Great Britain...imagine booking the place (not to
mention selling it out) for 2 nights without so much as a record contract to your name...
Below L-R: Huwie, Harvey and Dave Brock
Above L-R: Simon King, Huw Lloyd-Langton,
Harvey Bainbridge & Dave Brock, with a great
silhouette of the crowd against the dry ice
Right: Tim Blake, the other member of the quintet
Actually I like Canadian lager...much better than
the Yank stuff....and I like the name "Hammersmith
Odeon" better than "Labatt's Apollo" too