Photo Gallery 34: SpaceRitual.Net @ Glastonbury 22/03/03

These photographs were sent to me by Melissa Joseph, and she retains copyright over these images.  
If you wish to use them please contact me
here so that I can pass on to her your request.
Below: John "The Ghost"
Greves and young Ollis, only
12 but already adept with a
quick roll of the skins!
Right: Debbie once again,
showing her versatility.
Halfway through the set, a
stage light burned out so
she just reached up and
unscrewed the bulb
Thomas was so ashamed to be on
the same stage as "Alice" that he hid
his face behind a pomegranate for
about 20 minutes.

After the gig other members of the
band teased him, saying "you
looked good on the stage with that
fruit" and that he and Alice should
form a duo called Rhubarb Crimble.
Thomas was more than a trifle
discustard and shouted "Fool!" at
he who had made the suggestion.  
A food fight ensued and when Nik
was hit by a strawberry flan,
Thomas jeered at him and called
him the Pie'd Piper. Just Desserts!
Right: Debbie the dancer is
saying to the crowd "I've
seen Nik's maracas up close,
back stage, and here's my
Left: L-R Alice Rhubarb, spiky Nik,
Mick Slattery
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