Photo Gallery 340 : Miscellany III
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Thanks to Dave Kealaher for these 4 photos from Space Ritual's gig at Wolverhampton on April 4th
2007.  Here is Dave's brief review of proceedings:
"You probably know that Ron Tree fronted the
Space Ritual gig as Nik Turner was ill.  Ron told me afterwards he only had a few days to prepare for
the gig, but what a performance!!  With the lightshow shining out into the audience it reminded me very
much of the Cubby Bear Video CD that I have, a reunion of two different Hawkwind ages, the 70's and
the 90's.  Anyway I have enclosed a few pictures of a unique event, that maybe no one will ever witness
again.  I hope that is not the case, Ron could join them again especially to sing the likes of
Steppenwolf, Ejection and the Right Stuff.  He is as versatile as ever singing the aforementioned tracks
along the Calvert line and then turning to perform Sonic Attack and sounding exactly like Turner."
Above: back projection from Bochum, 25/10/95
Right: Alan Davey, 2000   Below: Dave Brock 1972
Left: lights at Whitby Dracfest, 27th Sept. 1997