Photo Gallery 357 - East Devon, 14/07/2007

Thanks to Dave for the narrative text and pix on this page.  All photos here (c) David Kealaher 2007
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Basically the Devon gig was based on the edge of a sports field which was adjacent to a school called
Manor House.  There was a small pavillion there with toilets and a bar.  Adjacent to this was a small
tented area with seats where earlier-attending guests were being entertained with food and drink.

When we arrived at the specified 7pm this party was in full swing with Hawkwind already up and playing
in a larger marquee for the soundcheck, which we managed to catch the tail end of.
There were about 25-30 tents set up by fans in an adjacent field; the organisers were only anticipating a
handful.  I was told that there were about 100 passport holders there and the rest being "normal" guests
from the main party.
Above: L-R Hawkfest heroes Marie, Dibs and young
Hawklords of Shields, who appears to be wearing a
homemade jetpack, for reasons known only to himself
The event was for a going away party for one of the teachers at the school who was moving to live in the
Pyrenees.  This chap also happened to be a Hawkwind Passport Holder, and he got up on stage to
perform Sonic Attack (see pic above).  He was word perfect and did it with an absolute excitement and
enthusiasm, turning in a fantastic rendition.  A cameraman was filming this and I recommend a viewing if
it turns up anywhere.
The main set seemed to be mostly along the lines of the Hawkfest set, but in a different order, I think.  
We talked to a few of the general public after the gig and was pleased to hear from everyone how good
they thought the band were, with this being their first exposure to a Hawkwind gig...
The customary rain was present from about mid evening after some lovely weather in the daytime. Glad I
didn't set up my tent...I just dropped the seats in the estate car, and me and my brother stretched out in
the back when we eventually made it to bed...