Photo Gallery 358 - East Devon, 14/07/2007, Part 2

Thanks to JC for the text and images below: all photos on this page are (c) John Chase 2007
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gigs that I've always admired Hawkwind for...and a great treat for
those of us who were on honeymoon during Hawkfest!!
The Devon gig was a blinder, I thought it would be good, and the
bugs in the set as reported from Hawkfest had been ironed out...
Set list was the same as Allentown USA up until Sonic Attack, after
which it was Assassins, then encoring with Brainbox Pollution and
Spirit of the Age, second encore was Master of the Universe and
Welcome to the Future, so they were on for nearly 2½ hours.
The Headmaster
(Mr. Simon
Bage, right!)
party it was
delivered a
narration for
Sonic Attack,
and the
crowd were
those who'd
never seen
Personally I thought some of the songs that came in for criticism such
as Orgone Accumulator worked rather well... As always with smaller
gigs, the lighting worked better and was much more intense. This really was a classic example of the sort of