Scans from the 1976 Astounding Sounds tour program,  Many thanks to Tom Byrne for
scanning these images
Above: a sketch of the AtomHenge stage set.  Below is the accompanying blurb:

Okay slicks, we know you won't believe your eyes, WELCOME TO ATOMHENGE, the temple for all
HAWKLORDS. Watch it short-circuit the music world. Larry Smart of Exploding Galaxy fame designed it.  His
career includes special Beatle posters for their Apple shop, a mural for George Harrison.  He's a full time painter,
and during OCT, his work can be seen at the Scene Gallery, Baker Street, London.  CJ Frame Up constructed
the sets using a glass fibre process: a full scale model of each constituent part is first constructed, in this case,
from wood and sheet aluminium.  A mold of glass fibre is then taken from this.  Glass fibre matting is 'laid up'
with resin and the addition of a catalyst actuates a chemical change which causes the combined glass and resin
to harden.  ln these moulds the final shapes are laid up and removed when hard.  All the edges are then cut, the
surfaces sanded down, and plywood backing is fastened in, before assemby with metal fastenings.  Then
electricaI wizard Jonathon Smeeton takes over and with a little help from his friends, installs the lighting that
gives LIGHT TO ATOMHENGE.  Enjoy the show.  And remember, in the words of the immortal bard, Leo
Wyoming, "It's a heroic world. But only in pockets.  So be careful what pockets you fall into."
Above: Alan Powell
Right: Paul Rudolph
Above: the not-at-all insane Nik Turner
Left: Simon House
Hawkwind in the long hot summer of 1976
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