Photo Gallery 361 : TOHWRB Birkenhead 15/07/2000
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Thanks to Justin for the photos and text on this page - cheers!
This was the first gig performed by 'The Original Hawkwind Reunion Band' (TOHWRB) - the venue was
sold out (!), compact and very hot and sweaty.  The band were not good - Thomas can't play bass (or had
forgotten how to), Huw was smashed and couldn't 'noodle' properly, only Nik and Terry were good
(especially Terry).  It was the first time I'd seen Terry and the highlight for me was the drumming to
Master of the Universe (X-In Search Of Space tempo / rhythm - awesome).  I can't remember the set list
but it did follow the written one I have
(below right).  The rider for the gig (below left) did include Dik Mik
Ystlefera was better, arrived during the soundcheck - small field in the Welsh valleys with a circus tent –
I'd had the Birkenhead photos developed and spoke / showed them to Terry and Thomas.  Commander Jim
Hakwman played together with another guy on keys / synths.  The band was a little tighter though not a
great deal and Huw wasn't (totally) wasted.  Not sure what you can list these under as the 'TOHWRB' name
has proved extremely contentious and was only used twice. The next couple of gigs they performed were
as "2001:  A Space (Rock?) Odyssey", at Blackpool Empress Ballroom and Crewe Limelight Club -
Blackpool was Mick Slattery's first performance with them and Crewe was Huw's last - he may have
rejoined Hawkwind by then.  At the time I wanted to go and see every performance by them (for some
unknown reason - probably to see if they would improve...)
I think I've seen Nik & Co. ten or so times now: once they started gigging in earnest that proved impossible
to maintain.  Early gigs were untogether, but a couple of songs made the effort to travel worthwhile
(Children Of The Sun with Nik's flutework was tremendous).  There was a huge improvement when Dave
Anderson joined, especially those gigs with Del - one gig at the Flowerpot, Derby could have been 1972
(Del's whooshing synths during Born To Go made the hairs on the back of my neck go!)
but he wasn't there (Terry / Nik / Huw / Thomas
made up the Isle of Wight contingent), some young
guy I'd never seen played synth (he didn't make
Ystelfera). I went to the gig hoping Dave Brock
would be involved but wasn't surprised that he was