Scans from the 1976 Astounding Sounds tour program,  Many thanks to Tom Byrne for
scanning these images
Bob and his 'bloody bugle' (c) Lemmy
Speaking of Lemmy, he was famously fired for doing the wrong drugs.  Once he was gone, the rest of
the band felt safe to indulge in their favourite mind-altering substance: Pernod!  Alan Powell is trying to
look nonchalant because he's peed in the bottle, knowing that Rudolph has yet to pour his tipple...
As Bob Calvert used to
work in a tyre shop in
Ladbroke Grove, he
decided one day to
introduce Messrs.
Turner and Rudolph
into Zen and the Art of

It worked all too well -
Rudolph left the band to
found the highly
successful 'Kwik Fit'
chain of tyre and
exhaust shops, of
which he is still a
Director.  Nik
occasionally pops into the Camarthen branch on a Saturday to help out when they're short-staffed, but
won't give up his normal Saturday job at Tesco due to low pay!
L-R Dave Brock, a psychotic Simon House, Paul Rudolph, Nik laughing at the previous caption, Alan
Powell, Simon King, and (a late addition) Bob Calvert with Time For Sale by the look of it
This Just In!
Nik on the job at Camarthen Kwik-Fit
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