Photographs - Gallery 38: Memorabilia IV
Castle ad from 1999, showing all their digipack reissues
Sides 1 and 2 from a 1982 RCA mispress - whatever's on the record isn't Hawkwind, apparently.  Many
thanks to Filip Vanhuyse for these pictures
'Your Last Chance' Flicknife 1983 EP
Angels of Death picture sleeve single
Left: Hawkwind badges
from the 70's, and 1980
Levitation badge, below:
Left: Who's
Gonna Win
The War,
sleeve 7inch
Above: rare Hawkwind / Van Der Graaf
(Generator) sampler album (or the topmost bit of it
anyway).  Now a collector's item, thanks to Filip
Vanhuyse for the image
This triptych shows a carboard plane that
was a free giveaway with early U.S copies
of the Space Ritual Alive album (1973)
Right: 1976 Kerb Crawler ad
Above and Below Right: Huw Lloyd
Langton's 1982 Ibanez Performer.  
This guitar was for sale on Ebay but
did not make its' reserve price of
£699. Note that it's signed by Huw
and you get one of his signature
plectrums FREE!

Huw was using a white Les Paul
Custom on the 1979 tour, i.e. 3 years
before this one was manufactured,
and continues to drag it out now and
then (last seen at Blackheath 1997).  
That one has a black scratchplate and
so is easy to distinguish from this
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