Photographs - Gallery 39: Memorabilia V
1976 Astounding album ad
1976 Pearl Drums ad
(Both of these images were scanned from the
1976 Astounding tour programme by Tom Byrne)
Rare Psi Power c/w Death Trap picture sleeve
Bob Calvert's Hype - not sure if this is a single or LP
Hawkwind Passport - I was made to complete mine at Emigration Control (HawkFest 2002), cheers Tone!
A (partial) scan of the rare Australian 'Rock
Legends' album, kindly provided by Filip Vanhuyse
Ultra-rare Yugoslavian 'Silver Machine' pic sleeve
Above: Old, Rare and Odd Hawkwind badges.  The rightmost looks like a bowdlerised copy of a legit badge
Sides A and B of the picture disc version of the Hawkwind Anthology, Volume 1
My lovely framed 'Symphonies From The End Of Time' poster.  My wife and children are delighted to
share their home with it.
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