Photographs - Gallery 4: Croydon Fairfield Halls 25/03/2001 & others

At the time of constructing this page, the Croydon photos here were not available anywhere else on
the web, to the best of my knowledge...the others I filched!   Might be slow to load, please be
L-R Dave Brock, Keith Kniveton
L-R, Ali Davey, Keith
These were taken by Chaoslord, a gentleman I met for the first time on IRC earlier today, and he was
kind enough to send me the photos he took.  The security guard pic on the Croydon gig review page
is his too.
Huw in the late 80's?
On stage at The Stone, San Francisco, 1989
Blurry Brock at the same gig
Stage lighting for the Chronicle of the Black Sword tour.  Photo taken
by Colin Jones of
Colin Jones Lighting Design
The Quark line-up, 1977
Lemmy guesting at Reading 86
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