Photographs - Gallery 40: HawkFest 2002 II

At the time of constructing this page, the photos here were not available anywhere else on the web.  
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Thanks to Alan Taylor who took these photographs - don't nick them, they're his!
The gig got off to such a slow start, the Captain
called a halt to proceedings and announced "Er, that
was just the soundcheck, right, we'll be back later"
Right:Bass Assassin No. 2
Below: Billy Brock's
Big Top, once the
engines were firing
Below: L-R Tim Blake, Dave Brock, Keith Kniveton
Right: Huw Lloyd Langton
Above: Alan Davey, Dave Brock
Jez Huggett
Below: EMS Synthi Men
Eyes popping, veins bulging,
muscles throbbing - Isambard
gets up a head of steam
L-R Huw Lloyd Langton and Alan Davey
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