Photo Gallery 401: Pot Pourri VI
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Above: this photo was sent to me by Alex Calvert, Bob's oldest son, who is second from left in the
picture.  Also shown is his mum, Pauline, who was Bob's first wife, and his sister Helen.  They are at
Bob's grave and Alex says
"If you can find a spot for the photo we would be quite happy about it. As a
family we would love any fans who have a story about Dad to
email them to us and through your site
would be most appropriate..."
In keeping with this, there are quite a few photos of Bob here on this page.
Above: the band as they were in 1972 flanked by rather more recent snaps of Doug Smith & Nik Turner
Above: thanks to Paul Eaton-Jones for this: the Astoria, 19/12/2007 during "10 Seconds Of Forever"
Above: Stacia at the Roundhouse,
13/2/72.  Left: Adrian Shaw,
Simon King & Bob Calvert,
14/9/77 on the Marc Bolan show
Above: another one from the London Astoria 19/12/2007 - thanks to Steve Barlow for this one.
Below: Bob and Dave, probably on the 1976 Astounding Sounds tour
Below: Lemmy in Chicago, 1974, courtesy of Jim
Summaria who was working for a local promoter
Copyright to
Two more by Paul Eaton-Jones at the Astoria on
19/12/2007: during Space Love (above) and Arrival
In Utopia (below)
Above: Bob Calvert and several props, 1977
Left: Nik Turner, Chicago 1974 (c)
Above: Tim Blake at Manchester Academy on
29/03/2008 - thanks to Bryan Rideout
Right: Stacia (c)
1974, in Chicago
Below: "Robot" 19/12/2007 by Paul Eaton-Jones