Photo Gallery 408: Hawkfest 2008, Part 2
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Around and about, with a few of the bands.  Thanks to Graham P for some of these pics (the good ones!)
Tasteful tatt seen on a throbbing bicep...John of
Wind Of Change had some nice work on his
arms too (right)
Right: the flatscreen TV in the main bar was an
invaluable reminder of what was on at each stage
The Starfighters with a bit of local colour (above) and not needing any help at all (below, thx GP!)
Is it safe to come out now?  No, of course not!
Above: T.O.S.H.   Below: the drum workshop
Syren's bassist (above) and acolyte (left) with
bikini top on, unusually.  Below: the Dooberries
Below: can I describe them as a pair of Tits?