Photographs - Gallery 41: HawkFest 2002 III

At the time of constructing this page, the photos here were not available anywhere else on the web.  
Might be slow to load, please be patient...
Thanks to Alan Taylor who took these photographs - don't nick them, they're his!
Above: Huw &
Left: Simon
Right: Jez &
Below: Simon,
Huw & Jez
Below: L-R Alan Davey, Tim Blake, Dave
Brock, Keith Kniveton
Below: Simon House, Huw Lloyd Langton, Jex Huggett, Alan Davey
Some of the other bands who played. Below Left: Bedouin (L-R Alan Davey, Danny Thompson, Glenn Povey)
Left: The One -Eyed Bishops, featuring (L-R) Mr.Dibs, Rogalski, Jay
Adcock, Mike Burro, Phil Smith
Captain Rizz with his backstage
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