Photo Gallery 417: Vintage Hawkwind VIII
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If you think this is peculiar and do Nik and Dave, on the right, looking on in
consternation as Dik Mik and Terry Ollis appear to indulge in a bout of necking on the left.  (However,
worse is to follow.)  Thomas Crimble in the centre is oblivious to it all.  Two teenage girls sitting in the
bus shelter behind them are equally unmoved.
Well yes, these are worse, but it's not what I meant.
Nik Turner above, and the psychotic-looking Dik
Mik, right, as they were in 1970
Above: the girls look away, uninterested as Nik gets
a haircut.  But what is that inset (enlarged, left) ?  
Oh dear. The infamous naked drummer decides to
point Percy at the pavement and gets punched in
the knob by Dik Mik, I think.  And rightly so!
Above: two bassists of different clarity and calibre: Thomas Crimble, left, and Lemmy Kilmister, right
Two shots of Stacia in 1973, with one of Dave &
Lemmy (right) the following year (probably)
Below: you can blame Record mirror for the distasteful caption and me for reproducing it 36 years after
the fact.  The feature referred to appears on the
Hawkwind 1972 Press page