Photographs - Gallery 42: Walthamstow Gig II

Hawkwind's Christmas 2002 gig at the Walthamstow Assembly Halls, Friday 13/12/02

At the time of constructing this page, the photos here were not available anywhere else on the web.  
Might be slow to load, please be patient...
Thanks to Alan Taylor who took these photographs - don't nick them, they're his!
Arthur Brown leads the Mod Revival
How old is
that T-shirt,
Arthur in more familiar guise
Above: Alan,
Dave, Arthur
Left: Alan
Alan and Dave being rockist
Below: Dave emerges from the psychedelic clutter of stage right
Arthur enlivens the show with a spot of Morris Dancing.  
Tim's reaction is 'somewhat bemused'
Alan, Dave & Arthur, bestriding the stage like a colossus or three (or two)
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