Photo Gallery 420: 28/09/08 Calvert Memorial I
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All images on this page (c) Birdman Dave Easthope 2008, to whom my grateful thanks.  The occasion
was a benefit concert to remember the 20th anniversary of Bob Calvert's passing and was held at the
Kings Hall in Herne Bay, Kent on Sunday 28/09/2008
Above: Big Dave, supremo of Lighthouse Lighting
Right: Steve Pond
Above: Samson
and Delilah.
Right: Jerry Richards

Left: Nik Flutatious    Below: Alan D
Above: Judge Trev

Below: Ron Tree doing a hitherto unseen Skinny
Fred Flintstone schtick
Above: Adrian Shaw & Nik discuss bus timetables
That sax looks like it's covered in greasy paw marks
from Nik's other job (see