Photo Gallery 428: Dog's Dinner VII
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It is I who made a dog's dinner of these contributed photos...thanks to all who sent them in :-)
Above: DB plays a red Strat.  Thanks to Miles Sharp for this and the shot below left
Above left & right: London Astoria 16/12/2008, by Graham P.  Below: is that dancer flashing?!
Above & left: London Astoria 16/12/2008, by
Graham P.  Below: Stacia flies the flag for Israel
The preceding quartet are here courtesy of
Jollyhawker, who looks rather like a mad inflatable
hippy, at the Bob Calvert Memorial gig at Herne Bay
on 29/9/2008
Above: Nik T and the Mighty Mullet, a.k.a Inner
City Unit
Below: London Astoria 16/12/2008 by Graham P.
Above & below: Hawklords 18/11/1978, thanks to
Ziggy Hewitt for these pics