Photographs - Gallery 43: Walthamstow Party II

Hawkwind's Christmas Party 2002, Friday 13/12/02
Thanks to Alan Taylor who took these photographs - don't nick them, they're his!
Arin asks about Dave's keyboard solo on 'Time
We Left' (Live 1990).  Dave: "Well, I get my
finger, like this, and I put it right over the key,
Mr. Holmes and Mr. Davey agree to disagree
Left: Mr.
Abrahams pauses
to frame his
philosophy as
succintly as can be
Left: Mr. Pospiech
favours Mr. Lee
with a finely timed
Right: Arthur
Kris, Dave, Val, Richard
Mike, Merrick & Julie in the centre
Right: All those
who didn't put on
any deodorant
this morning,
raise your hand
Below: Hey,
there's someone
pointing a
camera at us
over there!  
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